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On this page I'll include all the information students need for their course assignments, such as due dates and guidelines. Here's an example of a format I might use.

Last Week's Assignment

Read Act I of "Othello"

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Next Week's Assignment

Read Act III of "Othello". Be prepared to discuss Iago's motives and to draw parallels with contemporary society.


Essay # 1

Draft 4



The Most Important person In My Life

I was born in San Antonio, Chile, I am belong to a family’s farmer which I love very much. I have 2 older sisters. My parents were influential and they changed my life without me knowing it. they taught me many values and carried me to a good way of life. They made me be independent from a man, which I think it’s very important.

My parents gave me many values. First of all, They worried about the religion. We had to go the mass every Sunday. Also, one of us had to tell the oration in the table before every dinner. It was like a rule. Second of all, my parents taught me to share things such as food; on holidays my parents made the good food such as “humita“ it is a Chilean’s food. It was shared among the neighborhood and voiceovers.

My parents gave me the best of them. They always worked to give us what we needed such as food, clothes and a good home condition. In addition, they always shared with me their free time, we had good journeys for example in the summer we used to go to the beach, it was fun because my father was swimming with me in the beach and my mother was making the bar-be-cue and waiting for us.

Another important thing that my parents gave me is the education. The school of my village only had up to 5th grade. One of the farmer’s customs was that women couldn’t have high education, they just waited to get married. However, my life was different of them because my parents strongly believe that education was very important, and they sent me to continue the education in a school in the big city. In that time I didn’t understand the importance of continuing education.

Education is an important factor in my life. Now, I am old and I see my classmates that didn’t continue their studies. They are working in their homes and helping their husbands in their farms. They are not independent people. In the other hand, my life changed a lot from theirs, I am a independent person, I work and I can support all my needs.

My parents made me be independent from a man. I have always been independent from my husband. I always worked out of home. The good thing about this is that I can buy whatever I need or want such as clothes. In addition I decide when I want to go to my country to visit my parents. In fact, I always take decisions of own life.

In conclusion, I think that my parents did a good job in their lives. They worked for their daughters’ future and they gave the best from them such values.